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ultrafine mill mine can maximize the use of coal gangue resource benefits


Date & time Oct 12 '17
Creator crushermachine169

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Coal gangue is a mixture of carbonaceous, shaly and sandy shale, relatively low calorific value, carbon content of 20% -30%, some also contain humic acid, it is in the coal boring, mining and washing Election process generated. China is a large coal mining country, the amount of coal mining each year are very large, accumulated over 1,000,000 tons of coal gangue, and about 100Mt each year to continue to increase, not only occupy the site, but also may spontaneous combustion of air or cause a fire. Which is the focus of many enterprises R & D, Shanghai SBM [url=http://www.canadacrusher.com/...-ultrafine-mill.html]ultrafine mill[/url], Raymond Mill is specialized in the production and processing of coal gangue milling equipment, this milling machine is to maximize the value of coal gangue to avoid waste of resources, is the most resource-intensive respect.

In recent years, with the various industries on the comprehensive utilization of coal gangue research, how to further enhance the utilization of coal gangue, waste gangue has become the focus of many enterprises research and focus, at home and abroad has developed a number of ways to use The The basic principle is to identify the nature of coal gangue on the basis of different treatment, make its best use, and a variety of ways to combine the use of a certain scale of development and comprehensive utilization of the system, in order to obtain the best possible economic benefits. According to China's actual situation, its use generally has five aspects:

1. Coal mine. On the basis of the gradual reform of coal mining technology, the use of coal gangue in the underground direct filling of mined areas or in the ground after processing to fill the underground goaf.

2. Coal mine subsidence area filling, reclamation and land reclamation.

3. Coal gangue power generation. For more coal content, higher calorific value of coal gangue, can be used for fluidized bed and circulating fluidized bed power generation.

4. Production of coal gangue brick, cement and lightweight aggregate and other building materials.

5. Extraction of sulfur concentrates and other chemical products from coal gangue.

Regardless of the way to use and deal with coal gangue, have to use the jaw crusher, Raymond Mill, high pressure grinding, [url=http://www.ht-rent.net/...-ultrafine-mill.html]ultrafine mill[/url], Raymond machine crushing, grinding equipment.


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