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Sculpt your figure, lift wholesale christmas costumes your bust AND boost your confidence: Yes! You can wear sexy lingerie in your 50s

Flick through any lingerie catalogue and you’d be forgiven for thinking only girls in their 20s bought fashionable undies. For anyone older, it’s all too easy to get stuck in a lingerie rut. But when you hit your 50s it’s a crucial time for an underwear update, thanks to hormone changes that can drastically alter not only your body shape, but your bra size, too. While the menopause can cause cup and back size to increase, the fullness of your breasts can often decrease.

So what can you do if you want sexy, supportive, yet age-appropriate lingerie? With a lack of advice for shoppers of a certain age, it can be hard to know where to start and what styles are flattering. We asked experienced bra fitter Kelly Dunmore, from lingerie experts Rigby & Peller, to give her tips for buying underwear that’ll make you feel slim, sexy and supported once you hit your 50s — and beyond . 

 ‘A foam padded bra will look and feel odd as you just won’t fill up the cups. Instead, go for unpadded satin or lace, which will mould to you and make the most of what you have.’  Try a bra like this one, which is designed in a silkier fabric that offers a smooth line without foam. And bright colours like this hot pink aren’t just for twenty-somethings. ‘If you’ve got highlights or your hair’s a darker shade, you can still wear bright colours,’ assures Kelly.

‘You need a firm bust to create a cleavage, as all plunge or push-up bras do is push your breasts together. Instead, if you’re a C cup or below, she recommends a three-quarters cup style, like this one. ‘A half cup can sit too low while a full cup only  really works if you can fill  it properly.’

Made of pretty lace, this bra clings to your natural shape, ensuring a good fit whatever size you are up top.

'If you worry about feeling exposed, go for knickers like these, which give a lengthening effect corset skirts setswithout making you feel like you’re showing too much. A DRESS TO. IMPRESSFirm control waist sculpt slip, £32.50, and T-shirt bra, £22.50, marksand spencer.com

The beauty of an ‘underbust dress’ such as this is that you can get all the benefits of a full body-shaping garment, without having to bin your favourite bra. ‘It’s a fact of life that as we fight gravity over the years, our skin loses its tautness,’ says Kelly.

‘So, if you’ve developed a bit of a tummy or are conscious of your bottom wobbling, this is perfect. And you can wear one of these no matter how tall or short you are. It holds everything in and gives you that extra confidence boost underneath a fitted dress. You can team it with your usual bra and as the dress comes up high, you won’t get any unsightly bulge in between.’

Triumph celebrate 127 years of lingerie with wholesale sexy swimwear display of vintage underwear as they're named official supplier of London Fashion Week

 Brand established in 1886 have grown from humble beginnings to become one of the world's leading lingerie makersNew pop event in London during Fashion Week includes exhibition showcasing their style evolution over the decadesThey've also collaborated with designers including Matthew Williamson to create new unique pieces of underwear and capsule collections.

They've been underpinning style since 1886 and lingerie makers Triumph have proved wholesale fashion dressesthey still remain at the forefront of fashion after being named as the official supplier of underwear at London Fashion Week.

To celebrate their second collaboration with the British Fashion Council, Triumph have teamed up with designers including Matthew Williamson and Fyodor Golan who have created their own unique customisations of their underwear.

The designers' styles will be on display at a special pop up event, 'Maison Triumph', in Covent Garden, London next week. But for fashionistas not able to get to the capital, Femail have been given a sneak pic of some of the designs which you can view below.

Runway ready: Matthew Williamson's drawing of his red lingerie, left, brought to life using sumptuous fabric and embellished with sequins and feathers. The pop up centre will also house an exhibition revealing Triumph's styles across the decades since they were established in 1886 by merchant Michael Braun and corset-maker Johann Gottfried Spiesshofer.

From humble beginnings with just six sewing machines and six employees at their factory in southern Germany, they have gone on to become the world's leading lingerie manufacturers with a presence in more than 120 countries and 37,500-plus employees.

Creative: Fyodor Golan's drawing of their unique design for the brand with feminine frills and ruffles.In the beginning, their production focused on corsets that emphasised the bust and derriere while tautly shaping the waist and hips in line with what was considered the perfect female shape during the Victorian era.

Valentine's Day gifts for her? It's diamonds and sexy wholesale halloween costumes lingerie for the mistress, and a DVD player for the wife

Confirming the long held stereotype that unfaithful men lavish romantic gifts upon their lovers while neglecting their spouse, a survey has revealed that cheating husbands spoil their mistresses but scrimp on their wives when buying Valentine’s Day gifts.

The survey reveals that the majority of men will spend will spend £50.00-£100.00 on a present for their wives for Valentine’s Day, but £200.00-£300.00, more than double, on their mistresses.

The types of presents, not simply the amount spent on them, also vary, with mistresses receiving more lavish and romantic gifts, while wives are more likely to receive practical items.

A mistress is much more likely to receive sexy lingerie (right) whilst a wife is more wholesale babydoll lingerielikely to be given a piece of technology such as a DVD player (left) which somewhat lacks romance

The survey of 3,256 cheating husbands from across the UK, was commissioned by dating site Ashleymadison.com. The research also laid bare the most popular gift items for wives and mistresses, with 25 per cent of men buying diamonds for their mistress (compared with 10% for their wife) and 20% splashing out on lingerie for an affair (compared to 8% for their wife).

In depressing news wives are 17.5 per cent more likely to receive technological items such as stereos or DVD players. But romance isn't totally dead: perhaps due to the guilt of cheating men are 12.5 per cent more likely to buy their wives chocolates or flowers.



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