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Thanks for your reply, it's good to OSRS gold hear from non-maxed runescape gamers also! You adress some valid points, the wilderness in its current state is... simply bizarre. Mainly because everyone avoids it as the blasted hellscape it's, they haven't placed much emphasis on it in quite a while. I hope that my suggestion will find some life back into the jungle as a stepping stone where better content can be made for- and balanced on. Frankly I think it could be really good if the wildy had some slightly-better-than-normal skilling options (such as the moths you mention or wilderness slaying).

But updating that without having the ability to train there without the opportunity of losing weeks of progress seems pointless. Btw, since you discuss mining, there is a place at the pirates hideout to mine banite 7 measures from a furnace if you're assaulted, at which you can Deposit-all. Possibly the best spot until you have indications of this porter to invest on it or ritual of the mahjarrat unlocked.I would be against that on principle but the energy equilibrium for risking is completely off - compared to pre-EoC or even OSRS.

Someone imperial and running around with a +1 weapon dhide, about 30k danger, has a lot of firepower even in contrast to someone. Style penalties are far too punishing, going up with actual risk and BiS gear against someone in rags of what you are feeble to remains in the guy in rags' favour.So yes it's my support. They'd still be issues (check the recover for wearing Achto helm+body+legs) but frankly it would be an improvement at this point. Also TMW is overpowered.

I've actually used that exact same example (achto) such as 5x in this thread. Reclaim seems to be about 0.55percent of the GE value of an item, but untradables are all over the place. Given an achto body recover is 80k, that would imply it is Buy Runescape gold valued at just over 14.5m that is obviously too low given the requirements of getting one (tier 90, high-lvl content, long struggle, little possibility, 1 loot per 2 days). I am glad you agree, you are touching on many of the issues the suggestion tries to resolve.

limmzhou Jan 17 · Tags: osrs gold


Further to this buy RuneScape gold it could be tough to influence policy decisions since party members are normally'whipped' to vote in a way that is certain. There were cases in America where politicians had been bribed such as state 8000, to do. I think it was the equality act that is online that I'm thinking about, or something similar. They were fine with selling everyone's personal advice, or making the internet worse for everyone. Not saying that is the case here that sometimes they get gains and can do a bribe that is small.

The issue with all MTX based systems are that they are not based on"ability" they are coded in a manner that your true chance of winning the thing you want is nearly not possible. Precisely the exact same manner slot machines work, it's the very same mechanics just integrated into a games ecosystem. If it skill I really don't have an issue with MTX. E.g you purchase 10 tokens which then allows you to take a cannon ball to a goal, there's absolutely no reason behind the scenes code to make your win percent 1%, just simply your response time and ability determines your reward. Opening"chests" or even loot crates or you want to call it's essentially gambling as it is not even a game of chance, the machine is designed for you lose. I welcome the attention and expect there's reform to Runescape along with all other games.

I recall how OSRS's worlds were DDoS'd because of something that happened, another time there was the gay pride event that went unpolled (which it actually was going about it being unpolled, Halloween and Christmas were faked ) so the community became incredibly homophobic and racist in addition to self ratted to news sites to blow up it bigger and make the runescape game look bad. In the event the community is willing to do MTX will kill Jagex if it inserted to OSRS. I'd imagine immense DDoS'ing plenty of attacks outside the community defacing the category utilizing OSRS as it's banner ads and hell put porn on it and people trying to take over the site itself like Lulzsec did to the FBI's site.

The purpose is that the majority of the runescape player base are people who stopped Rs and only came back because they released a version of the runescape game without all of the bullshit. If they add it into osrs of course you'll get some who will remain like RS3 but a large quantity of the runescape player foundation has no trouble quitting to resist jagex.

This is really what is going to make me stop after I finished my last quests. I truly wanted to get into the easier high level Bosses but I simply cant stand fighting against the combat system and switching that much (and also to grind the OSRS Gold cash for those switches)1 or 2 switches for some more complex bosses is fine but in my opinion its becoming ridiculous.Also the tick system cost me some nerves on lower level bosses so I really agree with your view.

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mmogofifa Jan 13 · Tags: osrs gold

I sent them the buy RuneScape gold IPs my notebook connected to faculty wifi and home wifi to demonstrate that any of mine occurred not than the purchase. They basically just said"Only pay the 80+ bucks we had to refund the card owner and we're going to unlock your account, we do not think that you didn't do this". Yeah, that was the last nail in the coffin for me, never again will I spend minute that's currently benefiting jagex or another dime.

Can I just say that compared to jagex, most other"MOBILE GAMES", and im afraid that osrs is a cellular game now, charge a lot more than 11 dollars a month to get access to all articles. I remeber when dungeon hunter 5 was still newish, and even then you had to cover anyhwere from 60 to 90 pounds to unlock the very best armour ingame, which could be replaced within the upcoming few months. And no other mobile game will NEVER EVER have an choice to convert IN-GAME money into a paid service.

Games like this are a rarity and just other games which are that this f2p friendly are some mobas where personalities are available with earnable money, and eternium are they are extremely market in terms what they offer. Appreciate your game, bruh, and esteem that they really listened to you guys, instead of shitposting.I concur, spiders are everywhere. In worlds the resource spots are greatly botted. New runescape players may believe that upgrading is your reply to solving this. Surely people won't pay cash for membership simply to bot, but sadly that is true and with bonds it is even simpler than ever.

Another thing that has never truly been enhanced is OSRS Gold that the report system. Personally, I believe that some of the report reasons choices do not explain anything, it appears with recent articles such as that man being banned for PKing a streamer is considered harassment in the way he killed them. How does someone harass? I know if someone is constantly following someone about a source place despite being much to share just to prevent another runescape player from taking it since it sounds"funny".

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mmogofifa Jan 9 · Tags: osrs gold

"I think there's a large opportunity for OSRS gold this sort of online RPG -- I am trying not to mention"MMORPG" because in people's heads, which creates a picture that's not what we would like to build. Modern action-RPGs or experiences as much motivated me, by worlds like you see in games like Destiny. We're not doing a shot, but the thought that need to fight your way or you don't need to worry about what server you're on. You get the advantages of an MMO game but minus all the sophistication and hassle. We're trying to embrace accessibility and these more contemporary concepts for large online games when creating this next-generation online RPG."

Not really. They hired a lot of people for the new projects. The Headcounts of RS3 content development team and the whole OSRS team stay 25 respectively, and closer to 60. It isn't surprising Next Gen is a bigger job once the headcount of Jagex has increased toward 400 and the combined Runescape teams constitute of just 20 percent of the company's total workforce.That is the thing that makes entire item more bs. 34m in development cost more than 1 year of OSRS and RS3? We do get updates, but development costs are allegedly same as AAA titles have? Each have average income of 40k a year (around that's right amount) - that is 4m only. Where did 30m go?

Business expenditures arent just salaries for workers, there is much more overhead compared to a salary for a worker. An employee in a software firm (UK) costs hundreds of pounds a day, minimal. Development agencies typically charge anywhere from £50-£125 an hour for a single employee, to cover overhead and preserve gains.

Office space hardware for workers, office equipment, applications, as soon as you factor all that on your costs will be enormous. I'd imagine they have enormous server operating costs such as runescapes, probably tens of thousands or trust runescape money buying hundreds of thousands of pounds per month on cloud servers or data centre expenses, whatever they're running. That may not even be containing development environments that are internal and all of the evaluation. You understand nothing about the way the company runs in case you believe money goes on salaries.

limmzhou Jan 8 · Tags: osrs gold

That is OSRS gold what makes entire item more bs. 34m in development cost of RS3 and OSRS more than 1 year? We don't even get updates, but development costs are same as AAA titles have? Let's say Jagex has 100 developers for RS3 and OSRS (overstatement, but still). Each have typical income of 40k annually (around that is right amount) - that's 4m only. Where did additional 30m go?

Business expenditures arent just salaries for workers, there is so much more overhead compared to a salary for a worker. A worker in a software firm (UK) costs hundreds of pounds a day, minimal. Development agencies typically cost anywhere from £50-£125 a hour for one worker, to pay overhead and maintain profits. 

Theres office space hardware for employees, office equipment, software, once you factor all that in your running costs will be huge. I would imagine they have enormous server running prices such as runescapes, probably tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds per month on cloud servers or data center costs, whatever they're running. That might not be including inner development environments and all of the evaluation. You know nothing in case you believe money just goes on salaries, about how a company runs.

Bro, you did not read shit. Nor did you assess that which Jagex pays or what Salaries in Cambridge area for applications development are. Those"growth" costs already cover all the developer's salaries and you are left with over 30m for Buy Rs gold some other things. Everything they rent in. AWS storage servers cost around 1-2 cents per GB of storage (monthly). And we all understand Jagex does not have most powerful servers (considering every world is max 2k runescape players I doubt they're very strong ones whatsoever ).

limmzhou Jan 6 · Tags: osrs gold


Your devs have thoughts buy RuneScape gold not always but a good deal of the time. The mid level dungeon is really good. Fits the subject, fun to research, adds a new thing that was somewhat needed. Karuulm with all the farming guild was fantastic, bit small but good. Dragon s II. More importantly please. It would be awesome if something'godwars' such as will come out.

The largest reason I stopped playing with Warframe was that the steady growth in matters like this. As soon as I playedI could grind and grind to get a warframe by combating precisely the identical boss over and over, gather all of the materials, do each the quests and other items to finally get the resources together, and my reward has been"Okay, you're all set! Four days, now wait. Or cover us. It is your decision, you don't have to, but it's right here for you if you do."

It bothered me immensely that I was simply staring at these brand new shiny things which were essentially the only new content upgrades had to offer, and I caved more frequently than I want to admit. And. That's exactly what they want. I really don't think their stance on this thing has changed. And if a lot of the runescape game revolved around farming for items that were new, having something like this available only felt bad. I get that it had been completely optional, but I would have rather had cosmetic loot boxes compared to a system in this way. Ideally we. Not have a system whatsoever that preys on you emotionally, but something about the system they've actually rubs me the wrong way.

The argument that is real is why exactly we should care. If folks spend their money in a way that makes them so what? And if parents dont understand that their dumbass kid is siphoning thousands of dollars from them it doesnt effect me. Let these folks are marketed to by them, they're paying other people to craft the runescape matches most of us enjoy. My personal take on this is biased with the amount of time I have played Runescape so take it or accept that it is an experienced perspective- up to you.

The problem is that if a casino gets money from gaming, no one's encounter gets less legitimate. When a car sells for a million dollars at auction, nobody else's automobile becomes worse or devalued. When Jagex found that Runescape microtransactions can make them large amounts of money, the power creep concerning buck to xp, in addition to the sheer number of concurrent forms their microtransactions took (membership fee, membership bonds, rune coins, loyalty points, torso keys, battlepass) made the runescape game demonstrably/empirically worse over time to the extent that a number of us have ceased enjoying the runescape game.

In this case I would rather have a"slippery slope" with regard to legislation rather than this slippery slope of gambling, far too frequently meaning kids OSRS Gold gambling away-their parent's cash. Due to the subscription nature of the runescape game it isn't unusual for parents to tie their charge card to an account to cover the subscription before thinking about the fact that the runescape game may have real-money gambling in it.

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mmogofifa Dec 28 '19 · Tags: osrs gold

 I've been in games for OSRS gold more than 20 decades and there's a genuine focus and appreciation here in Jagex that puts the runescape player at the middle of the way we think and create excellent gambling experiences and I look forward to building on such core DNA with all the teams "

Gavin Irby joins Jagex from Bungie having formerly worked on Destiny as Crystal Designer and Senior Designer. His prior roles include Content Designer for RIFT in Trion Worlds, along with a stint in Carbine Studios and Flying Lab Software. "I am honoured to be here at the house of living games and have the chance to help bring RuneScape to another audience. Jagex has been quite supportive, and I think we are going to be able to deliver an action-packed, substantive and meaningful new experience for our runescape players"

"I'm proud and honoured to work with the world class talent Ryan, Rob, and Gavin represent. Ryan's leadership on RuneScape and Rob's on Old School give our flagship names the focus and attention that our runescape players deserve and show our dedication to the continued growth of both games.

RuneScape Mobile, this PC MMORPG'S smartphone and tablet edition, launched in Buy Runescape gold Historical Access meaning every RuneScape subscriber can enjoy the living game on cellular.

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limmzhou Dec 23 '19 · Tags: osrs gold

From the ten-ish months since then they have added 3 million more, and while I'd have assumed that the whole concept behind something such as OSRS gold could be extremely niche these huge download numbers seem to be proving me wrong. We loved Old School RuneScape within our review by when it started and Jagex put together a very helpful newbie guide to receive fresh runescape players moving, so in case you have to check out the mobile version of the runescape game afterward now's birthday party is a fantastic excuse to do so.

Old School Runescape includes a brand-new event with a bunch of Halloween-tinted rewards for anyone brave enough to undertake it.While World of Warcraft has remained the giant of this fantasy MMO world, Runescape has managed to maintain a fervent fanbase for almost 20 years now.It has done so largely by knowing how to balance the desire to preserve what fans already love about the runescape game with fresh content to keep them playing.

This is the reason why Old School Runescape (a version of the runescape game predicated on its exceptionally popular 2007 incarnation) was made from the very first place.With a mobile version released only this past year, Old School Runescape is going as strong as ever. In the spirit of keeping things fresh however, this month has seen the addition of a new, Halloween-themed search to help runescape players celebrate the spooky season.

The 2019 Halloween event runs from 24 October till 7 November.To begin the event, go to the chicken coop to the north of Lumbridge and talk to Cheap Rs gold one of those two goblins next to it, Snailneck and Grasslegs.It's important to remember to be certain you're not wearing anything which will keep you from talking to them correctly. If you've got the Ghostspeak amulet on, by way of example, they won't be able to understand you, and the quest won't begin.

The quest involves two goblins who've become confused while celebrating Halloween and that consider themselves to be dead.

limmzhou Dec 22 '19 · Tags: osrs gold


And dozens of self-contained runescape 2007 gold tales and vignettes, and rarely do they kill or delve right into straightforward draw quests. They may use their arrangement, but they subvert or set a RuneScape twist.It's just that a sizable portion of individuals on this Sub are so caught up on the bandwagon they can't even begin to have a conversation or debate about it. They made the changes because they wanted the runescape game to compete with other MMO games. RS3 isn't actually a terrible game, it's only that the larger section of the runescape playerbase wanted to retain the"oldschool" and basic mechanics that the runescape game had to offer. That doesn't create the runescape game bad. At converting an outdated game into something more 15, they've done well. The problem with that is that all the"old" content then becomes obselete if you don't literally move backa nd rework everything from the bottom up.

That is a ridiculous way of estimating a match. As of typing this, there are approx RS3 and 73k OSRS. In the grand scheme of things - 46k isn't a huge difference. Some of the games right now are pulling on countless thousands. Does this logic imply OSRS and RS3 are skip trash because they have runescape playercounts?

I know I'm gonna get downvoted to shit for this but there is nothing realistic about the old version either (except possibly the helmet). Like how the hell are you expected to move in that thing? The short and long of it is, you'd be about as mobile as a statue in armour like this.

Now look at the model that is RS3 cuz it's also pretty awful. Those shoulders, you'd have next to no freedom in your arms using something like this, like wtf. The legs have the same problem around the knees the osrs model does, how are you gonna bend your legs so? It resembles"maybe" it's separate plates, permitting some motion. The chain over the groin means there no actual plate congratz! You're able to walk! Still can't do much in terms of swining a sword or lifting a defense!

Talking of shields, it might be the update here. While it's clearly made entirely out of metal and could not possibly be light enough to be practical OSRS Gold it is at least smaller, and also a more historically accurate silhouette, though only just barely. These versions were made nearly 8 years ago and are extremely obsolete by RS3's standards, so they are not just a prime instance of armour design in RS3 anyway.

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mmogofifa Dec 21 '19 · Tags: osrs gold
At this point RS3 is one OSRS gold of the tbh, an amazing pvm game. Bosses, endless usefull monsters with content within this region. But u can get that in RS3. There's great potential. Anyway people dont like to pvp in RS since the machine is too hardcore for the majority of people. I believe RS3 PVP pillar is very good with great potential.

Most MMOs out there doesnt have an sector. While RS3 has one of the greatest ones out there. So many supplys on need, so many items. Its amazing how it functions in RS3 and OSRS aswell. Its one of the reasons I'll never stop RS3. Check out MMOs there. Some of them doesnt have trade system. Lmao its so bad.this one I let to say how bad it is for many MMOs. I dont because its simply not view RS3 as p2w. However, the way they are pushing it harder and harder breaks the runescape game increasingly. One day and it is going to EVENTUALLY HIT the line. They change? Yes. However, this is 1 pillar I dont enjoy in runescape atm. Its quite dark the route they're going to and we could only hope they dont fucking push way too hard.People in reddit have a tendency to whine of MTX here, some are very fair complains.

(most of them), but the runescape game isn't dead yet (not even close) because of this, it can still be enjoyable in those columns I only mentioned to u. RS3 has alive and very usefull content from a decade ago, tell me ONE single mmorpg with applicable 10 years articles out there.anyway, just my 2cents. Have a break if ur are bored. Quit if u think on the deadline was hit by MTX for u. But u wont find better MMORPGSout there like folks are saying, unless u dont care about a couple of the columns I just mentioned or u dont care about murdering old content every single new update (this is the biggest deal for me personally and RS is simply amazing with how they keep old articles alive).

Personally searching over the next year's premier benefits and how ripped off I feel this season as a enthusiast that is lore, I am not becoming premier 2020. I'll probably buy a month subscription if and if they have published more quests and articles I'd enjoy in a few years and do them, or watch someone on YouTube do osrs best site to buy gold them if the runescape game hasn't fully died out by then to the stage we never see content as far as we should.
Mocsky234 Dec 20 '19 · Tags: osrs gold
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