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FieldEngineer.com marketplace now has a market presence in 175 countries worldwide with over 40,000 active Engineers. Below is our heat map which shows how we have covered most part of the world with this great idea called as FieldEngineer.com. We have made it free and easy for businesses to get their work done seamlessly in 175 countries. In just a few steps you can get your work done on FieldEngineer.com. Signup as a business and start posting your work orders. 

Field Engineer Resume

When writing a resume for a Field Engineering position, keep in mind the responsibilities and desired qualifications of the job. Field Engineers are highly skilled & trained individuals, as a result, their on-site training and experience are the most valuable. Experience and on-site training should be highlighted to interest employers. A Field Engineer resume should discuss concisely the kind of services that they can offer and previous examples of jobs and projects that have been handled. Unlike standard interview protocol, many Field Engineering interviews include scenario-based interview questions. These questions are meant to analyze the problem-solving skills of individuals.

Potential Salary of a Field Engineer

There is a multitude of factors influencing the salary of Field Engineers. One of the most important factors would be their experience and training. Another factor is a willingness to travel for the job, for example, International Field Engineers tend to make more as compensation for their travel. Ultimately, a Field Engineer salary depends on the services provided, in the specific area of expertise along with the individual engineer’s experience.

Just log onto Field Engineer, create an online portfolio connected to a bank account and begin searching for the 

field technician job description suitable for you today

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