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Today digital life has resulted in users living in a swarm of millions of thousands of apps. Looking at the number of apps today, it gives an assumption that apps are probably easy to create but to come up with an idea of app is not easy. And even more difficult is the conceptualization,Android app Development Los Angeles and the launch of the application. It is not only this but the app launch and release need complete strategist.

A well-equipped strategy is what is required before pushing an application live which could make it successful. Of course, we are not talking in terms of marketing here, rather the technical part of the application which makes the release complete success. Such an effective strategy will create the right user base, and hence it will help in preparing for conversions.

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Best Practices for Deploying Mobile Apps

Best app release practices for iOS and Android:

Deploying software releases with successful and desired outcome is a combination of strategist, planning, working late hours, testing, re-testing and finally deploying the same.

Below mentioned points are here as a helpful guide so that your team of developers and testers can easily accomplish the complicated task very smoothly.

1: Reducing the size of the files:

How could you forget that the user’s phone memory is a crucial part which plays a significant role whenever we think of releasing any mobile application. Today people are fond of music, videos, pictures etc. They are busy downloading their useful apps. Hence, the smaller your app will be the better it is for the user. Technologists suggest that the size of the application can often become a deciding factor for users on whether to download your app versus the similar app which takes up more phone memory.

2: Use Pro-guard For Shrinking:

You must use Pro Guard tool which helps in shrinking the code significantly. This tool is available at Sourceforge. Tech-gurus always advise to re-test your application as there are chances when Pro Guard changes the application behavior. The tool shrinks, optimizes, and illegible the code by removing unused code.

3: Remove debug symbols:

Debug symbols only make sense to your application if it is still under development phase and still requires debugging. As a best practice, you must remove the Debug symbols from native libraries (.so files).

4: Clear it off:

It is always suggested to remove all the debug related functionality from the application. Your application usually does not use this data hence operating of Android and iOS does not demand it to run the application. A strong advice is to remove all the debug related functionalities from the application. The debug information simply wastes the space and hence it should be removed.

5: Let Sound Be Quite Clear:

Data Format and File Format Conversion: For Mac OS X make use converter tool which allows you to convert wide range of audio data formats and file types.

c: Reducing Audio Files: By limiting the sample rates, bit depths and channels you can see the direct impact on size of your audio files. If you require playing long duration sounds consider reducing above values which will reduce the memory footprint of audio data.

For Android:

For Android always use the recommended format are PING JPEG, BPM, Web P, GIF Pings. For iPhone make sure you use all images and icons, in PING format. It is suggested to avoid using interlaced Pings. Apple also recommends using standard bit depth for icons and images which is 24 bits.

7: Visual Treat:

iTunes U supports only MPEG-4 ( .mp , .MTV , or .mob) with H.264 compression for video files. It may happen that video podcasts in .mob format will not play on most i Pods and portable devices. In order to ensure compatibility with mobile devices, it is advisable to use only.

8: Scaling and Optimizing PG images:

For PG format image in your application always remember to reduce the size of file without losing the quality. For iOS always consider using JPEG images, though they are less efficient but can be much smaller. Ensure that images are scaled properly, so that they do not eat up the phone memory.

9. Throw Out Garbage:

Garbage space which unused resources are occupying are potential space waster in your resource directory. Use various tools both for Android and iOS for removal which will scan your project for unused resources.


Putting this all together a smaller compiled size file can be achieved. Always try to bring down the application file size without actually losing the functionality and availability of it before make a release of your application.

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From shopping to beauty, from hiring domestic services to booking cabs, App development Boston are becoming increasingly important part of our daily lives. Last few years have been important in terms of innovation in the world of mobile. The mobile app development sector is observing huge transformation due to the various trends. Search trends are dominating the mobile app development and will continue to do so in forthcoming years. Phenomenal gadgets such as fitness trackers, Apple Watch, Google Glass and many other wearable cloud computing technologies are certainly going to make drastic changes throughout.

In this write-up, I would like to share the expected, if not anticipated, Mobile Application Development Trends 2016:

Mobile App Development Trend # 1: Cloud-driven Mobile Apps

Cloud Technology has been playing a major role in Mobile App Development Process and this will continue to grow in 2016 and many forthcoming years. Even the devices like tablets, smartphones and wearable are growing exponentially and they are expected to expand further in future. Cloud Infrastructure fosters unlimited supply of computing power for your apps.

Cloud-driven apps enhance the data synchronization and ensure seamless execution of mobile apps on various devices. Considering the necessity of smart devices and wearable technology cloud compatibility becomes very obvious.

Mobile App Development Trend # 2: Enterprise Mobile Apps Will Gain Traction

Garner even predicted that by the year 2017 market demand for Enterprise Mobile Apps wants to outrun the IT organization's capacity to deliver bountiful of apps. The business world is becoming more connected with every succeeding year, hence the need for enterprise apps wants to continue to grow.

The stats validates that there will be more requirement of development skill to create enterprise apps. Specific skills around security, integration, design and development wants to become a requisite and modern mobile thinking

"Stats Explains: Total value of mobile payment transactions in the US will grow by 210% in 2016."

Mobile App Development Trend # 3: Security Comes As Prime Concern

How do you ensure that your mobile app is secure? They are now confident that they believe in a smartphone and their tablet creators and are looking forward to implementing a secure environment for them.

But surveys and stats are not very supportive. Garner forecaster said that 75 percent of mobile apps failed because of basic security measures through the end of the year (2015). This also supports 3 out of every 4 apps is troublesome. Android and iOS features and security.

Mobile App Development Trend # 4: VR and Beacons adoption in 2016

Beacon Technology wants to be gaining traction in 2016. Beacon merged offline and online differences. Beacon has been doing wonders in iOS domain and soon it is expected to invade Android in future. Retail, Real Estate, Hospitality, Healthcare, Tourism, Education, Travel, Entertainment, Automotive, Travel, Corporate, Advertising.

Lintel, a research group issued a European Consumer Trends 2016 report which identifies that beacons and virtual reality are the two technologies which will become more prevalent in 2016 and become mainstream for this year. Virtual Reality is seen as an important part of the firm's marketing arsenal.

"Stats Speaks: 2016 is expected to bring an explosion to beacon marketing."

Mobile App Development Trend # 5: More Personal Talks In Year 2016

Tech-savvy consumers today expect brands to interact and engage in a more personalized and contextual manner. 2016 wants to be a 'year of more rationalization'. Considering all this, marketers are now striving to know more about target audience (who they are, what they like and how they are looking at their brands).

Rationalization is like a crucial aspect of any mobile initiative. Brands are constantly looking for new technologies and channels that can help them connect with their consumers in a more personalized manner and hence build more personalized mobile apps.

"Stats Speaks: 67% of consumers want personalized messages and their preferences."

Mobile App Development Trend # 6: Why 'Sirius In Year 2016

Expect a lot from digital assistants like Siri as it is becoming a focal point. Enjoy a new form of search engine optimization. Siri wants to be prevalent in the year 2016 and is developing the user experience around the device. Thus wants to gain traction.

Looking at the speech capabilities of Siri capabilities which employ voice commands for handling tasks like sending messages, initiating calls and setting meetings. Speech recognition in Siri is letting developers tap the technology into the phone and its core functions.

Mobile App Development Trend # 7: Swift Swiftly Becoming Open Source

App developers are adopting the high-end programming language Swift, which is released in 2014 but has become one of the Internet's most popular development languages. As the coders are creating both a mobile app and a server-side management platform on Swift, it is expected that the popularity of the coding language will be increased.

Swift has Apple's full support and great improvements over its predecessor like faster performance in applications, efficient coding practices, protection from common errors and open source technology. Apple wants to invest in learning and contributing to the growth of Swift.


We're very excited about what's coming up with mobile app development in 2016. If you're looking to try your hands on these trends, it's time to prepare for yourself. Be prepared for all the innovation that promises to bring it for all of us.

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Transferring data to and from Sales force is not very difficult. Sales force data import wizard and Sales force Railroader tools made the job of data migration a rather point-and-click process. However for repetitive, complex, or large scale App development Atlanta transfer operations, these tools become too cumbersome. Capitalizing on these shortcomings, and at the same time providing a better and easier way to integrate two or more systems, numerous tools have been launched in the market by both new and old data integration players. Talent is one such player with a great portfolio of data integration and migration offerings that can be used to migrate data to and from Sales force.

Talent data integration and migration tools are not new. Talent has been around for quite some time and has been gaining reputation and popularity steadily. The free data migration tool Talent Open Studio, is even popular among our Sales force  developers.

Talent Open Studio Data Integration Tool

The Talent tool in its essence is a code generator tool. For every task, it automatically creates a code corresponding to it that can be run either in the Open Studio tool itself or any other compiler you desire. Most prefer the Open studio itself, but you can always export the code to use in any other program that you want. In addition, this tool gives you options to modify your job parameters and queries giving you more flexibility in creating codes.

Why Talent ?

There are a number of reasons why you can go for Talent Data integration tool, the biggest being that its free version has all the major operations that you may need. But here is a short list of reasons why we like Talent:

Drag-and-drop code creation

Intuitive user interface and easy placement of components

Speed: It’s very light weight and hence has slightly better processing speed. But unless and until you have magnanimous amount of data, the speed won’t matter much.

Did we mention that it is free? It’s open source and utilizes Eclipse RC

A huge community of supporters.

Around 800 inbuilt connectors and has support for all major new technologies like AWS, Sales force etc.

Can be run on remote or local, or you can export JARs and run them separately

There is cloud version as well (though it’s paid)

How to use Talent for Data Migration

Talent, as we said before, is very easy to use. You do not need to be an expert in coding to use it. Here is a step by step process on how you can use it for migrating data to and from you Sales force.

Step 2: Open Talent and Create a Job

The first step is to open Talent and create a new project. You can create a local project with default credentials or you can access a cloud hosted project through proper login and password.

How to Import and Export data from Sales force using Talent 

Once you have opened a new project, the first step is to create a new job. In the left side panel labeled Repository, you will find an entry named Job Design. Right click on it and create new Job. It’s a good idea to organize jobs so I would advise you to create folders. Creating a new job will open the Job Designer panel.

How to Import and Export data from Sales force using Talent 

Step 3: Create new Sales force Metadata element

Now this is the step where you may feel the advantage of 800+ connectors. Talent has inbuilt metadata connector for Sales force. First expand the metadata section in the Repository panel. Then find Sales force in the expanded section, right click and select Create Sales force Connection.

How to Import and Export data from Sales force using Talent 

This may prompt the software to install additional modules.

How to Import and Export data from Sales force using Talent 

Once installed add in the necessary details. You would have to append your present password with your Sales force security token for a successful connection.

How to Import and Export data from Sales force using Talent

This will create a new connection and you can retrieve all Sales force modules by right clicking the connection and selecting retrieve Sales force module. This will list all the standard and custom Sales force modules which you can retrieve by selecting them from the list. This action will retrieve all the columns of the module.

How to Import and Export data from Sales force using Talent

Step 4: Establishing input output connections

Once you have created your Sales force connection, you can drag and drop the connection to the Job Designer panel. When you will click on the connection in the job designer screen, you will see all the important settings associated with the component on the screen just below the job designer. These settings define the action that you would be performing on the object. The type of connector you choose will define the input and output operations.

You can also create a new connection by dragging a connection component from the right side panel labeled.

Now once you have created an input and output component, all you have to do is to click on the small red arrow on the side of the input component and drag and drop it into output component.

How to Import and Export data from Sales force using Talent

Step 5: Mapping

Connecting components this way will only work perfectly when you don’t have to map the data for proper transfer.

For example, when you may have to transfer Sales force data to a new MySQL database or a new excel file. But when you may have to do a little complicated data transfer, like for example transferring data of a custom module from one Sales force org to another, you may have to use t Map component. This component can be found in the ‘Process’ menu in the Palette. Drag and drop the component in the job designer, and connect the input component to the t Map, and then connect tap to the output component. Double clicking the mapping component will open the mapping screen, which again has drag and drop features, as well as auto map features. Trust me it’s super useful.

How to Import and Export data from Sales force using Talent

How to Import and Export data from Sales force using Talent

Step 6: RUN

That’s it. You are done. All you have to do now is to run the job. There are multiple ways by which you can run the job, like by right clicking the Job and selecting ‘Run Job’ in ‘Repository’ panel, or by clicking the Run Job in the component detail panel below the job designer panel.

How to Import and Export data from Sales force using Talent

Future of Sales force and Talent

Talent in today’s date a very important stand alone product that has its unique identity that’s independent of Sales force . What I mean is that even though it’s popular among Sales force users, it is also hugely popular among user who are using other SaaS and data applications like Alfresco and Amazon services. This means that Talent is continuously evolving, giving you an integration tool that will update as your two integrated technologies update. So you can invest your time in learning the product and it will help you in the long term. Besides, it does not have a very steep learning curve. 

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You have already heard that Facebook is closing its Parse developer platform. After acquiring the service of Parse which was then focusing completely on App development New York, Facebook reported $85 million in 2013 and turned Parse into one of the key developer services.

Though Parse will operate until January 28, 2017, and developers will have time to move their products over to other platforms, still this will be quite a hassle for developers who have brainstormed 600,000 apps built on the platform.


A- What Is Fire-base

Fire-base is a real-time cloud data service. Data in Fire-base exist in standard J SON and therefore, developers can easily access it using a client library or the REST API. When data is accessed via client library, data changes are synchronized in real-time within few milliseconds. Fire-base is designed for building real-time and collaborative applications. For providing extraordinary user experiences, Fire-base powers your app’s back-end which includes data storage, static hosting, and user authentication.

B- Features – Fire-base

Be : Fire-base offers Real Time Database

When you are developing an app on various platforms using Fire base Android, iOS, and JavaScript SD Ks, all your clients will be sharing one Fire base database and they will start receiving updates automatically with the new data.

Auto scaling with your app: In case your app faces a breakout hit, you just have to stay calm and do not have to worry about scaling your server code. Do not even worry for provisioning that extra capacity, Fire base handles automatically for you. Fire base Servers manage millions of concurrent connections and billions of operations per month.

Premium security features: Data in Fire base gets transferred over a secure SOL connection with 2048-bit certificate. Database access and validation are performed at a very microscopic level with quite flexible security rules language. Fire base data security logic is organized at one place which is making it easy to update and verify.

Offline Behavior: Application build using Fire base will always remain responsive irrespective of the fact of network latency or Internet connectivity. Your Fire base applications will work even if your app loses its network connection temporarily. Fire base offers several tools for monitoring presence and synchronizing local state with server state.

Be- Fire base Authentication

Most of your applications demand the identity of a user. Knowing a user’s identity allows an app to offer a customized experience and hence grant them permissions to access their data. Fire base makes authentication easy. It has a built-in authentication services which can handle user login entirely with client-side code. Fire base also offers built-in functionality for email & password authentication and third-party providers such as Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, and Google.

B3: Fire base Hosting

Fire base offers you with the delivery of your static content (html, js, images, etc.) over a secure SSH connection and then serve it on a CTN. Using Fire-base flexible Security and Fire-base Rules language which can easily define which users have read-and-write access to different parts of your app’s data. You can even edit and test your rules directly in your App Dashboard by clicking on the Security & Rules tab. Deploying made easy, truly.

Deploy in within few seconds: Deploy your app using the Fire-base command line tools and with just one click roll back to previous versions. Each app will get its own fireball domain, and the paid apps can be deployed to a custom domain.

SOL by default: Your app is served with a secured connection, and hence the provisioning of SOL is certain for you if well-taken.

C: Coming On Common Grounds

Though Parse can be considered as a competitor, it has been a prominent part of the developer tools community and ecosystem as well. Developers are definitely getting many alternatives for Parse, but all those are backed with the considerations which developers have to make. Developers are choosing Cloud Kit as a great way of storing data and that too of iOS only. For more flexibility and less infrastructure management, developers are going with WAS Mobile Hub. But it seems now everyone is preferring use of Fire base over Parse as both are somewhat similar and they both empower developers to create great apps. And anything fresh if reliable has good chances to be a hit

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iOS gadgets are extremely prevalent for their eminent execution and the most down to earth highlights which clients love to utilize. The business visionaries see the iOS applications as the lucrative asset to elevate business. Achievement can be accomplished with the privilege application, right usefulness and conveyance at the perfect time.

That is precisely you can get from the conspicuous iOS application improvement organization. Clients advance iOS applications for the little errands amid the day. An ascent in application utilization has supported the significance of experienced designers who have picked up dominance in building up any kind of iOS applications. The element rich and outwardly dazzling iPhone applications. Particularly for the business reason, the applications must surpass customer desires and lift the brand mindfulness exponentially.

kietroninfotech.com is the principal application advancement accomplice serving the business from 7 years which help people for the modified iOS application improvement administrations. The seaward application advancement organization conveys suitable applications for all iOS running gadgets. Gifted designers acknowledge the activities for the out of the case business thoughts and testing functionalities. The gifted and qualified group of engineers can handle any thought easily. Picking the correct improvement accomplice is a significant choice and it ought to be taken carefully.

Why iOS App Development?

Apple pushes designers to coordinate the exclusive expectations and produce the best quality applications. Thus, it is worth for any business to have the application for iOS gadgets. This point separates iOS from different contenders.

Every business requires the correct data moving. Organizations discover iOS as the best stage to build up the tweaked applications and convey the correct administrations to the customers. The insights say that the quantity of downloads is more with the Android applications, however the in-application deals and income sum is far superior with iOS applications with contrast with the Android applications. The examination uncovers that the iOS clients are all the more ready to put resources into the iOS applications. Consequently, if your essential reason behind making application is working together, at that point iOS is worth.

Joseph78 Sep 11 '18 · Tags: ios, webdevlopment

Not people to come but rather the present age is about too take a shot at mobile applications as it were. They want to peruse utilizing portable applications and in addition they shopping utilizing these mobile applications. So mobile applications turn out to be increasingly well known these days.

An ever increasing number of independent companies to expansive business following the portable applications as opposed to the mobile cordial sites. So you can watch that numerous little to private ventures have their own particular business applications. So mobile application turns into the extremely helpful apparatus to build your business income. As per overview very nearly half indexed lists started from the advanced mobile phones. This number demonstrates the development of the mobile business. The need of this web empowered mobile offer destined to Mobile Apps Development.

These days the quantity of advanced mobile phones increments over PCs. The study demonstrates that individuals checkout their portable each 5 minute. Very nearly 80% individuals utilize mobile applications for shopping and furthermore portable applications turn into an essential piece of the each business like Business, Retail, Education and so on.

Today cell phones are not utilized just for the correspondence with each other yet you can do numerous things with the assistance of the PDAs accessible in showcase. Today all organizations are utilizing portable applications for developing their business in everywhere throughout the world. With the assistance of the change of the Android App Development and iOS App Development benefits, the telephones, tablets and iPads turn into the colossal asset for individuals. Be that as it may, iOS applications are more tweaked then different applications so the fever of the iOS applications are high. On the off chance that you are searching for a customized application improvement for your business in Vancouver and nearby areas, must go forhttp://kietroninfotech.com/Article/Hire-Iphone-App-Developer-Vancouver.aspx.

Additionally you can see that these applications are exceptionally easy to understand with adaptable and innovative plans so they are effortlessly access by individuals absent much waverings and troubles in light of the fact that these applications are produced by experienced and skilled engineers. They include the diverse highlights in the applications and make them simple to use for individuals.

Imran89 Sep 4 '18 · Tags: ios, webdevlopment

Apple items regin supreme inside the United States, so if your objective market is more national than worldwide, iOS portable application improvement is an ideal choice for your business. The notoriety of Apple cell phones among Vancouver shoppers enables you to target more particular areas where there is a high volume of these items. The designers at https://www.car4hires.com/Article/Self-Drive-Car-Hire-Goa.aspx comprehends the noteworthiness of the iOS stage, and can build a mobile app that mirrors your business, while as yet staying focused among different applications being based on this working framework and propelled into the Apple commercial center.

The iOS programming gives a mobile development choice that has a solid notoriety. There are less gadgets that the application needs to help, making less fracture for engineers with regards to building and testing the application. Apple’s successive updates enable clients to have the latest framework on their cell phones consistently. This likewise implies there are less forms of the product that your portable application should be good with. The solidness that iOS gives enables engineers to invest more energy concentrating on singular components of the development and quality affirmation of the mobile app, as opposed to resizing and rebuild it for various programming renditions and various gadgets.

Rankings and Reviews
iOS mobile applications depend vigorously on client input. The rankings that measure the notoriety of applications in the App Store consider the evaluations and surveys from clients, notwithstanding the quantity of every day downloads. This client produced methodology considers a more solid estimating framework with regards to deciding the accomplishment of your mobile application once it has been propelled into the market. It likewise gives your business a chance to take advantage of the suppositions and responses of clients who can utilize this discussion to remark and study the application itself. This is an incredible device that designers use in making updates and changes in accordance with mobile apps to guarantee their proceeded with progress.

Outline and Development
Apple clients have come to have elevated requirements in the nature of the plan and usefulness of their portable applications and cell phones. In any case, the regular updates all through the framework enable designers to center around advancing your stage to help the most recent form of iOS. Instead of requiring your app to work with various distinctive gadgets and forms of programming, your iOS app will at present have a wide reach among clients, without losing any quality. This likewise takes into account littler advancement cycles and testing times that enables designers to center around the look and feel of the mobile app, and invest more energy preparing it for the market. Our engineers work to make a mobile app that can coordinate the desires for iOS clients, and oversee it after some time to mirror the developing business sector.

Benz89 Aug 16 '18 · Tags: ios, devlopment

With regards to iPhone App development, always pick the demonstrated technology organizations. There are a few organizations which creates mobile applications on both android and iOS stages. In any case, to locate the best accomplice for your image is somewhat challenging. With the adjustments in pattern and increment in the utilization of cell phones, custom iOS application development has turned into an imperative advance forward for some, businesses.Today, individuals around the globe know how adaptable and simple to-utilize iPhones are. In a blend, huge amounts of iOS applications accessible on the App store. The applications profoundly fluctuate in the quantity of portions. Be it, gaming, news, stimulation, or online business, everything is accessible on iOS. There has additionally been an extraordinary demand to hire mobile application designers.

To pick up administrations from such a technolgy organization, you have to do legitimate research and locate the best assets for the application you wish to create. While employing an application development organization, run with the person who is experienced like kietroninfotech.com. Lead a talk with the application organization in regards to your undertaking. Ensure that he is competent in clearing your inquiries and questions on the essential issues, and you are happy with the appropriate responses.

In spite of the fact that development of portability occurs crosswise over globe, development of applications is as yet focused towards specific areas. India and USA have a portion of the best iPhone applications development organizations, delivering best-in-class iOS applications for worldwide customers. From the point of view of cost-adequacy, India is the picked as one of the best nations offering iOS engineers/development organizations advertising. You can likewise procure committed iOS designers on contract, in the event that you might want NDA to be executed on the undertaking.

Before you contract an application designer for any business vertical, you need an unmistakable thought regarding crowd and reach of your item. Finish on a mobile application development organization just when they are fit for giving a progressing specialized help after the dispatch of the mobile application. They ought to likewise be proficient in killing and taking care of the bugs that the clients would discover after the launch of the Mobile App.

Andrew8 Aug 6 '18 · Tags: ios, webdevlopment

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