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The Five Golden Rules of Media and Advertising from lydiaviji's blog

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If you only read one page in Confessions of an Advertising Man then make sure it's page 86; there you'll find Ogilvy's Rule 11 on being a good client: "Test Everthing." Of course, all of Chapter Four on "How to Be a Good Client" is written for the owner of a business that can afford an advertising agency. If you are a small business owner like most of us, you certainly can't afford a big-time agency and probably can't hire even a small one. 
However, you will routinely contract with vendors of all types; especially those that help market your small business. You may have to alter the nouns a bit to fit your situation as you read through Chapter Four, but you'll soon see several key ideas that you can turn to your advantage as you market your small business.David Ogilvy was the most famous advertising man of the twentieth century. So, what can a small business owner that can't even afford the services of a small ad agency possibly learn from the head of a huge advertising agency brimming with
 Fortune 500 clients? Plenty, if that man built his agency from scratch the way Ogilvy did. Like many of us in small business, Ogilvy began and abandoned several different business ventures before settling on the one he pursued for the rest of his life. Unlike most of us, Ogilvy's chosen business allowed him to become rich enough to retire comfortably to France. In his book Confessions of an Advertising Man Ogilvy shares his secrets in a fairly candid, autobiographical way.

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By lydiaviji
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