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think everyone has spent a rich childhood from ylq's blog

think everyone has spent a rich childhood! Our childhood is so childlike Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, so innocent.What impressed me deeply in my childhood memories was the Spring Festival. It was because we could eat sweet and delicious meals and take red envelopes during the Spring Festival! Therefore, the Spring Festival is the children's world Parliament Cigarettes. However, for the Spring Festival of the year, I lost 100 yuan because I was too happy to receive the lucky money.That was when I went to the fourth grade the year before last year. On the day of the Spring Festival, after we had eaten our New Year's dinner and got the lucky money, I didn't mention how happy I was thinking about it. I thought: Oh, I sent it this time. After a few days, we came back from my grandfather's home. Then we did our own business as usual. At this time, I said to my mother: ��Mum, does the grandfather give me the 100 yuan? Give it to me? I want to put it in my wallet.�� Mom said : "Yeah!" Then I gave that 100 yuan to me. I took the 100 yuan left to see, right to see, how can not be bothered. Suddenly, there was a sudden flash of thought in my heart: Why not use this 100 yuan to buy things that you like? When I think of this Newport 100S, I say, "Mom, I want to go out and buy something?" My mother said, "Yes, but you must put the 100 yuan." Actually I still want to hold the 100 yuan, so I sprinkled it. Lie said: "My 100 yuan has been set aside." Then I flew out like an arrow and went to the shop. I took out the money to buy it, but I saw something I wanted to see. No, they took out 10 yuan to buy a small pistol and returned home. My mother once again asked me if I really put the 100 yuan away. I was excited to say, "In my pocket." My mother said after busy: "Get out of the 100 yuan and put it in your wallet. I readily agreed. When I reached into my pocket, 100 yuan was gone, I was anxious, East looked for it, West looked for, but still could not find.When my mother came and asked me that 100 yuan? I stammered and said: "There is ... May ... be able to fall to the ground ... on the ground ... .... "My mother shouted loudly after hearing:" What is missing? Dropped to that? Take me to find. When I got there Online Cigarettes, I asked my boss if I saw $100? The boss said: "No. "So we came home quickly. My mother had severely criticized me and it made my heart very traumatized Carton Of Marlboro Reds. It was so chilly and so cold that day, so... uh, I can't describe it." 

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By ylq
Added Jul 2 '18


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