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Supplemental Aeration is a process of adding up or injecting oxygen into water or any other solution for maintaining the level of adequate concentration of oxygen in it. Oxygen is vital component for almost all the tasks. It is basic need of all animals and plants similarly as for humans. Water is as basic component as oxygen to everyone. Now a days water quality is depleting on regular basis are water pollution is rising at alarming rate. When pollutants enter water body it depletes the dissolved oxygen level which lowers the water quality. Water low in dissolved oxygen levels is unhealthy and if used for various purposes such as crop irrigation, fish rearing, hydroponics or any other use does not provide healthy results but causes poor health.

In such cases supplemental aeration is done to match the concentration of oxygen in water to adequate levels and making it healthy for used in various activities such as irrigation, hydroponics, fish rearing and waste water management. Water is essential for endless number of activities and as water quality is degrading day by day supplemental aeration is also a need of the time.

Sustainability of ecosystem can only be achieved with maintaining ideal level of dissolved oxygen in water body. As water pollution is rising at very high rate it is depleting the water quality. Use of pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, pollution from storms and industrial waste are major causes of water pollution. Pollution is the major cause of lowering the concentration of oxygen in water bodies. When oxygen levels lowers the vicious cycle of over grown algae and weed begins which consumes the low level of oxygen present in water and as whole oxygen gets consumed algae and weed sunk to the bed causing dead zone and ultimately this process ends up with slowly killing the water body. To protect water body from this supplemental aeration is practised to maintain adequate oxygen levels in water and balancing the ecosystem.

Similarly in case of fish farming to maintain the quality of water which means balancing the right amount of oxygen dissolved in water is done with help of supplemental aeration. More concentration of oxygen in water provides healthy rearing environment to fishes and boosts their metabolism which ultimately results in healthy growth. With higher quality and quantity farmers earn more output and profits.  

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