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At midnight dream back, Cin from ylq's blog

At midnight dream back, Cinderella dropped a crystal shoe; thousands of turns, the princess turned over the mountains only to save the prince; red dust Cigarets Free Shipping, the prince left a trace on the forehead of the rose princessry tale has disappeared in my world. The cold wind seems to want to swallow people who are struggling in the wind. I am obviously top-heavy on the bus. The bus driver is impatient and looks at the people getting on the bus. I am standing on a mother and daughter. Next, the little girl's eyes widened and curiously looked at everyone in the car and the pale face of me. The little girl who was biting her index finger, looking at a young girl sitting next to her, the girl with a disgusted hand blocking the young mother who was hit by her because of the car shaking, I always stood by, after all It has nothing to do with me, isn't it? Finally, in the big shake of the car, the young mother finally hit the young girl, the girl shouted and glared at it, the young mother looked down, no one saw her strange look, but I stood by and saw Her eyes were covered with a layer of crystal film, which seemed to spurt the ocean. The simple clothes of young mothers and the gorgeous clothes of young girls give a visual impact, and the bus is still staggering like a drunkard drunk in the middle of the night. People sitting on the bus seem to take it for granted. Iny tale lights up in my world. The sun and the hustle and bustle wrapped my whole body up and down, sitting by the window, the bus was shaking, but the dizziness was much better, the warm sunshine sprinkled on me, I leaned back in the seat, although it was morning. But it is so warm. The driver and everyone in the last smile, standing all the youth, the old people sitting peacefully, without the will of the wood, and the decadence of the old man Newport Cigarettes Free Shipping, came up with an old man, dressed in shabby, and even Some places were broken Cheap Marlboro 100 Free Shipping, and a white hair seemed to be her endless vicissitudes. A young boy got up and panicked. When the old man sat down, he let out the panic. In the fairy tale, everyone is equal and friendly.y tale is bright because of you, but also because of you. In fairy tales, are you so? A woman in her thirties was sitting in front of the dressing table and gently stroked the silver wire on her head. She looked at herself in the mirror and sighed, "Daughter, my mother is old, and I have no memory and white hair. What can I do? Daughter, come over and help me pull my hair? Mom wants to dye hair, do you know?" Yeah, playing a mahjong today, the aunt said that I have a lot of white hair and it looks old Discount On Cartons Of Newport 100'S."tless how many times this scene has been played, and there is no way out of the mother��s tone. I know that you are not too concerned about your face Marlboro 100S Cigarettes Online, you just don't want to humiliate me. The night before the parent meeting, you will always ask, "Which dress does the mother wear tomorrow? Does this set look younger? Should you ignore the hair? I will dye a hair." Mom, I am really Don't care about these., you are afraid that I will miss your face when you are old. You are afraid that I will refuse to go to the streets with you. You are afraid that I will not give you a very rich material life. It doesn't matter, I can fight for it by my own efforts. Can you know? The last thing I want is to see you sad and sad for me. Time is like running water, who can bear the ruthless changes of the years? The beautiful flowers will eventually fade, and the beauty of the face will fade. The eternal is theve me love very beautiful. You cook for me, the most sweaty look is the most beautiful; see the snacks I eat and you are relishing, your satisfaction is the most beautiful; you are carrying a big bag of snacks I love, laughing and calling me the most beautiful; you I am afraid that I will not be able to eat breakfast when I am in a hurry. I am eager to go to buy breakfast. It is the most beautiful. I participate in cultural performances. You are dedicated to making me the most beautiful makeup. I am going out alone. You stand at the door and take care of yourself over and over again. It looks the most beautiful; I am going to the examination room, your eyes are staring at the figure that I am leaving is the most beautiful; you look at the composition I wrote, the smile looks like the most beautiful; at night you are afraid that I will kick the quilt and walk into me quietly. The room, sneaking my face, giving me the most beautiful look at the quilt.other, please don't worry about the increasing white hair, don't worry about external factors. The daughter does not only look at the superficiality of the outside, the daughter will never dislike you. Mom, I want to tell you that no matter how old you are, how ugly you are, in my heart you will always be the most beautiful.

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By ylq
Added Jan 28


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